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Rs. 558 / 15 Words
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You can categorize your The Inquilab Matrimonial Classifieds Ad by caste (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Kayasta, Khatri, Jain etc. ) or choose from language(Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Telegu etc) or also categorize under religion (Hindu, Muslim, Christian and many more).

Sample Inquilab Matrimonial Ad :
Bengali boy 28/170cm working in IT sector as an executive. Earning 15 LPA. Resident of South Kolkata.Seeks alliance from educated, smart Bengali girls.Caste no bar. contact 9320762894

Additional Discount Packages for The Inquilab Matrimonial Advertisement Booking:

• Mumbai (Mid Day + The Inquilab) - For Rs. 650/15 words
• Mumbai (Gujarati Mid Day + The Inquilab) - For Rs. 350/15 words
• Mumbai (Gujarati Mid Day + English Mid Day + The Inquilab) - For Rs.775/15 words
• Mid Day(Gujarati)+Mid Day(Mumbai)+Mid Day(Pune)+The Inquilab(Mumbai) - For Rs. 900/15 words
• Mid Day( Gujarati + Bangalore + Delhi + Mumbai + Pune)+The Inquilab(Mumbai) - For Rs.1000/15 words
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