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Personal Classified Display Ad

Classified Display (CD) ads in the Personal Category are colorful, visually enhanced yet concise and straight forward. Display classifieds possess a range of visual enhancements like uploading logos, images, graphic designs and more visual enrichments to make your ad stand out.

CD ads are charged basis the area per used in a particular newspaper page of your choice. Your personal CD ads can be adorned with the help of a number of unique design enhancements on ReleaseMyAd.

The releaseMyAd Advantage :

Releasing a personal ad in a newspaper of your choice has been simplified by ReleaseMyAd-India’s largest online newspaper ad booking service, in just 3 easy steps:

As soon as you come onto the ReleaseMyAd website the first step to book your ad is to select the ad type as Classified Display, after which you will be taken to the page where you can choose your category as Personal to move forward with composition of your ad.

The ‘Compose Ad’ page of ReleaseMyAd is one of the most interesting pages and brings out the creativity in you while you compose a simple classified ad. You can choose from a range of our pre designed templates, change or modify the background colors of the ad, format the text style as well as size and review your ad to get an idea about how your ad will appear in the newspaper with our Live Preview Ad Feature.

You know you are done with your booking as soon as you come to the ‘Make Payment’ page where you must confirm the release dates of your ad and clear the payment via our Online (Credit/Debit Cards & Net Banking) or Offline (Cash Collection, Demand Draft and Cheque deposits) payment mediums as per your convenience.

Tips to compose your Personal Classified Display Ad:

Adding visual enhancements and adorning your ads with add ons ensures much better and larger response and appreciation for your it.

ReleaseMyAd provides you with as many enhancements as possible to differentiate your ad along with some composition tips:

  • Personal Display Classifieds can be adorned and beautified in various ways and to get an economic yet creative ad try and select a template where you can upload a picture as image or no image both cost the same
  • Emboldened and underlined header and footer with optimum information invariably makes your ad stand out and prominent
  • You can easily upgrade the appeal of your ad by paying a little extra for a colored ad rather than a black & white one
  • If you are advertising for a boutique or a local personal shop or outlet, using a logo in your increases the reliability hence the response to your ads

For further details on composing ads & to avail new packages or to Contact Us visit our Frequently Asked Questions Section: