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Travel Classified Display Ad

Classified Display (CD) ads in the category of Travel are extremely prevalent, be it in a black and white or be it in a colored background. Display Classifieds in case of travel have many enhancements in black and white as well ad colored backgrounds.

CD ads are charged on the basis of the amount of space taken up by an ad on a particular newspaper page as per of unit. Such ads hold the potential to be enhanced and beautified with the several enriching tools and add-ons.

The releaseMyAd Advantage :

ReleaseMyAd is your one stop destination for booking newspaper ads online in just 3 easy steps:

Start your newspaper CD ad booking process with selecting your ad type as Classified Display and manoeuvre to the page where you can select your ad category as travel. You can customize your ad any way you like and place your own personal sub category to differentiate your ad from the rest.

Then go on to composing your ad with the help of ReleaseMyAd’s on site range of pre designed templates, available both in black & white as well as colored background. In case of Travel CD adverts the option to upload logos or images is not available but your ad can be designed with the help of text formatting, choosing catchy and contrasting background colors and having concise header and footer text. Make complete use of our exclusive Live Preview Ad Feature for a good look at how your ad will appear in the newspaper.

At the end make sure that you have confirmed your ad release dates and cleared all your payments, in order to receive an invoice via email containing all your booking details from ReleaseMyAd’s end.

Our secure online payment portals include payment via Credit/Debit Cards & Net Banking (All Indian Banks), while the offline mediums comprise of Demand Draft or Cheque payments as well as Cash Collection from your Home or Office.

Tips to compose your Travel Classified Display Ad:

It is important to stand out in the race of millions in today’s competitive market, so make your Display Classified Travel ad stand out with some help from ReleaseMyAd.

Elevate and magnify your advert with the help of some handy tips from ReleaseMyAd:

  • The most important thing to compose a catchy ad is to select the most appropriate background and get the length and width of the ad right
  • Visual effect is extremely important in a newspaper ad as that’s what draws the attention of readers, hence making use of contrasting header, body or footer color makes your advert distinct and different
  • Making use of smaller font size for the content of your ad diminishes  the cost of the ad while you can keep your heading bold in the same font size for emphasis
  • The best thing about such ads is that you can upload your own advertisement and while doing so make sure you specify the length and width of the ad absolutely precisely to get the exact cost of your ad

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