Convert Readers into Leads with Your Ads in Amar Ujala

Amar Ujala was founded in Agra in 1948, shortly after India attained independence. Today, it is headquartered in Delhi, and has grown to become India’s third largest newspaper with an average circulation of more than 2.6 million copies every day. Amar Ujala has 20 editions in 7 states, namely Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh, as well as one Union Territory, namely Chandigarh. Amar Ujala reaches a total of 180 districts in those . With an estimated total readership of over 46.5 million, it is one of the most widely read daily newspapers in India today.

Today, Amar Ujala is one of the fastest growing daily newspapers in India


,and is the No.1 newspaper in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir and ranks second in Uttar Pradesh. It is an undisputed leader in Hindi language journalism, and provides the reader with content from a vast assortment of topics, ranging from sports to lifestyle, from politics to entertainment, from technology to astrology, Amar Ujala has something for everyone. 

Amar Ujala’s wide coverage across the Hindi heartland of India makes it one of the most widely read newspapers in the country. This makes it an ideal choice for your advertising and marketing needs. Book your classified ads in Amar Ujala through releaseMyAd and reach out to the most people across cities, towns and villages in India’s Hindi heartland. Leverage the potential of classified advertising by publishing your Amar Ujala classified ads with releaseMyAd. releaseMyAd, with its years of experience in the industry and its extensive know-how, gets your ads in Amar Ujala to your desired audience. Here are some reasons why Amar Ujala is the newspaper for you:

  • Presence Across Several States

Amar Ujala is one of the most widely circulated Hindi language daily newspapers and it is present in 7 states and one Union Territory.

  • Wide Coverage

Amar Ujala’s presence in just those regions is not all. The newspaper covers a total of 180 districts in those states, making it accessible to many more people in smaller towns and villages.

  • Leader in Hindi Journalism

Amar Ujala is the no.1 newspaper in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, and ranks 2nd in Uttar Pradesh, and is renowned for its dispassionate and high-calibre journalism.  

  • Vast Choice of Categories

You can publish your Amar Ujala classified ads from a wide range of categories – from matrimonial to computers, from education to retail, services and many more.

  • Ease of Placing Ads

Through releaseMyAd, publishing your classified ads in Amar Ujala is quick, easy and economical.

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Maximise Your Reach with Classified Ads in Daily Thanthi Newspaper

Founded in Madurai in 1932, Daily Thanthi – known in Tamil as Dina Thanthi – has grown to become one of India’s finest regional language newspapers. Today, Daily Thanthi is the largest Tamil language daily newspaper in all of India and has over 1.7 million copies in circulation every single day. Daily Thanthi is the ninth largest among all daily newspapers in terms of circulation. It is printed in 16 cities across India, namely Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dindigul, Erode, Madurai, Nagercoil, Salem, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Tirupur and Vellore. Daily Thanthi also prints an international edition in Dubai to cater to the Tamil-speaking audience in the Middle East.

With its immensely large circulation, Daily Thanthi has become the preferred choice for the latest regional, national and international news in the Tamil language. Catering to a wide, diverse and informed audience both in India and abroad, Daily Thanthi has set the benchmark for high-quality Tamil journalism. The newspaper delivers the hottest and the most trending stories from a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, movies, astrology and district news. Given its wide selection of content across multiple categories, Daily Thanthi has something for everyone.

Daily Thanthi’s neutral and comprehensive reportage has earned it immense respect from a large and loyal reader base. The wide array of content between its pages has made the newspaper an ideal choice for your newspaper advertising needs. Book your advertisement in Daily Thanthi through releaseMyAd and reach out to a wide audience.

Here are 5 reasons why you should place your classified ads in Daily Thanthi:

  • Economical

Publishing classified ads costs you much less than utilising other media spaces for advertising, such as print, radio or television. Classified ads are short, to-the-point and contain only the essential details.

  • Simple to Compose

Classified ads are concise and crisp, making them very easy to write. They typically do not have any graphic elements or elaborate designs, making them simple to compose.

  • Respectability and Reputation

Daily Thanthi is the largest circulated Tamil language daily newspaper, and its wide coverage is a testimony to its reputation and regard.  

  • Wide Coverage of Newspapers

In India, newspapers are read by a very large number of people in cities and villages across the country. Newspapers are read by people from all walks of life.

  • Wide Range of Categories

You can book your ads in Daily Thanthi under a variety of product and service categories. From matrimonial to education to travel to retail, releaseMyAd has got you covered.

releaseMyAd helps you publish your classified advertisement in Daily Thanthi and reach out to a large Tamil-speaking audience. releaseMyAd, through its strategic targeting methods and ad planning techniques, gets your Daily Thanthi classified ad to your desired audience. Harness the potential of classified ads in Daily Thanthi through releaseMyAd and turn readers into valuable leads for your business!

Harness the Potential of Classified Ads in Dainik Jagran Newspaper

Launched in 1942 by Puran Chandra Gupta, Dainik Jagran, which translates to ‘Daily Awakening’, is one of India’s premier Hindi language daily newspapers. With over 3.6 million copies in circulation, it is one of the most widely circulated Hindi language news dailies in India. In the year 2017 Dainik Jagran was the most circulated newspaper in all of India!

Today, Dainik Jagran is the second-largest circulated Hindi language news daily and it caters to an estimated total readership of more than 55 million people. The newspaper is present in 11 states in India and has 37 regional and city editions. Dainik Jagran is one of India’s most popular and credible news sources and covers over 400 cities and towns across India.Dainik Jagran Classified

Dainik Jagran provides extensive content from across a wide range of categories, from local and district news, national and international news, politics, sports, technology and entertainment, making it a newspaper for everyone. By placing your classified ad in Dainik Jagran, you can reach out to a huge chunk of the vast Hindi-speaking population in India, making it an extremely lucrative channel for your newspaper advertising needs.

Book your ads in Dainik Jagran through releaseMyAd and harness the potential of this medium of advertising. releaseMyAd simplifies booking Dainik Jagran classified ads and helps you reach out to a large audience in cities, towns and villages across India. Booking your classified ads on releaseMyAd is quick and hassle-free. Here is how you can get your classified ads published in Dainik Jagran, by following these easy steps:

  • Visit the Dainik Jagran Page

Go to the Dainik Jagran page on the releaseMyAd platform at  

  • Select Category

Once on the page, select the category for the advertisement you wish to place in Dainik Jagran.

  • Select Ad Type

Choose your preferred ad type – Classified Text Ad or Classified Display Ad

  • Select Location and Package

Select the location edition of Dainik Jagran you wish to advertise in, then select the package from our list that best matches your requirements.

  • Select Preferences

Select the subcategory for your chosen ad category from the list of options.

  • Write Your Ad
    Compose the text for your education ad, enhance with borders or background colours if necessary or desired and check the preview.
  • Select Dates and Make Payment

Select the dates and the duration for your education ad, proceed towards the payment section. Once you’ve made the payment for your ad, you will receive an instant email confirming that your payment has been made.

  • Receive Invoice

Upon successful payment for your education ad, you will receive an invoice with the full details of the ad you have booked with us.

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Find Tamil Alliance by Advertising in The Hindu Matrimonial Section

Wish to see your loved ones settled in life? Looking for the ideal match? Wondering which should be the best source to find out a Tamil match?

Well, releaseMyAd shall help you to find out the idea bride and groom by assisting you to advertise in The Hindu Matrimonial Section. The Hindu is one of the leading newspapers of India and it has been an age-old and traditional source for finding out perfect matches.Hindu Matrimonial Ad

releaseMyAd has been performing in this industry since 2008. We make over one lakh happy customers annually. So, be a part of the squad and give us a chance to serve you.

Now, if you wish to book wanted brides and grooms ad in the Hindu newspaper via our platform, you need to follow the below given steps-

  • Select your required ad type between Classified Text or Classified Display
  • Select the Matrimonial ad category
  • Now select your preferred edition and package
  • Proceed to compose ad using enhancements or you can upload your own designed matter in case of Classified Display
  • Select a sub-category between Wanted Grooms and Wanted Brides
  • Next, proceed to further classify your ad category and select “By Language” and then “Tamil” as your sub-classification
  • Finally, select release dates, choose preferable offers and make payments.

We don’t believe in complication and hence we try to help our clients to meet their advertising goals with just a few clicks.

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Now, this is our genuine secret of low ad rates.

You need to know that this newspaper is circulated in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Noida, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Mangalore, Tiruchirappalli, Hubballi, Mohali, Allahabad, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Cuttack, and Patna.

Hence, this makes easy to find out the right match.

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How Popular is Classified Ads in The Tribune Newspaper?

The Tribune newspaper had been the storyteller of the Indian freedom fighting movement. It witnessed various activities of the freedom fighters and created editorials for each of them. Thereby, this newspaper itself actively took part in the movement. Since its first issue in 1881, this newspaper has been the leading English daily of Punjab and its adjoining regions.

The Tribune keeps its readers updated with various latest news and current affairs. The readers remain entranced with the contents of the editorials. So, all these features of The Tribune are the reasons and open secret of its popularity. Probably every household of the northwestern part of India trusts and resorts this newspaper for current updates and other information. Naturally, classified advertisements of The Tribune newspaper gains huge popularity because of its readership figure.The Tribune Classified

The advertisers who select this newspaper for placing their classified ads enjoy the huge response. It is easier to reach the target market because this daily has a wide coverage. It covers major cities like Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Shimla, New Delhi and more.

I guess this is enough information to clear your doubts about the popularity of the classified ads in The Tribune Newspaper!

Now, booking classifieds through releaseMyAd is the easiest. Our platform allows advertisers like you to select from a wide range of category options.

Our list of categories for classifieds advertisements is as follows-


Under the above headings, you may further select the sub-categories, which helps your advertisements to be more subjective.

Find options like wanted brides and wanted grooms for Arora, Khatri, Sikh and more. You may also find options like property for rent, sale, and lease under the property column. So, visit our website now and find out more options.

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Easy! Right?

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