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We all know that Share Certificate serves as an important document for shareholders to prove ownership in a company. The certificate includes important details about the investor’s stock ownership such as the number of shares purchased.

Many times we find public notice ads in the newspaper declaring loss of share certificates of the company. Don’t panic if you have lost a Company’s share certificate. There are a few things that you need to follow in order to receive a duplicate of it. First & foremost you need to inform the respective company of which you had the shares. You also need to share the details and folio number of the share certificate to the company. The folio number is a unique number to identify all your holdings with the respective company.

After receiving an intimation about the loss, the folio number and other details are immediately frozen by the company to prevent any fraud or transfer of shares. Then you need to prepare an affidavit, indemnity of bond agreement notarized. The next step would be to file an FIR with the police, listing all the details of the share certificate. The final step is to publish a General or Public Notice in a government gazette declaring the loss of share certificate.Loss of Share Certificate Advertisement

The shareholders need to share the copy of the newspaper advertisement along with other documents to the company at the time of issuing the duplicate certificate. The duplicate certificate will only be issued after verification of all the relevant documents. The process generally takes four to six weeks to receive duplicates from the date of receipts of all the valid documents by the company.

Loss of share certificate is generally published in Classified Display & Display Format. You can book your Loss of Share certificate ad in both National & Regional Newspaper. The Ad is generally published in Black & White. You can also insert your logo into the ad format. The Classified Display & Display ads are measured in columns & in a square centimeter.

To book a loss of share certificate ad you can visit our online portal & browse through our different pre-designed ad formats. We provide a host of leading national & regional newspapers & supplements to choose from and attractive discounts & packages to optimize the reach. Take reference from our pre-designed ad templates to compose a comprehensive Ad. You can also get a glimpse of it & make necessary tweaks if need be before finalizing the Ad.Lost Share Certificates Ad

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Book Your Unaudited Financial Results Online in Leading Newspapers

The Financial Statements are the performance report of a Company which is reported either quarterly or monthly in a year. The report includes vital information about the Income, Balance Sheet as well as Cash Flow of the company. These statements serve to tell the Investors, Authorities, the Company & the General Public whether the company is growing or losing in the business.

The Financial Statements can be either Audited or Unaudited. The Unaudited Financial Results are usually prepared by a duly appointed company accountant. It is a quicker and cheaper means of a statement than going through the audit process. Unaudited Financial Results On Newspaper

In order to verify the Financial Statement, the company is required to have a copy of the advertisement.

Advertising in Newspapers is one of the economical medium. It also helps you reach a large spectrum of the audience.

There are certain guidelines to follow for booking UFR Ads in leading newspapers.

  • The UFR ads must be published in at least two newspapers. One should be a leading English Daily and the other any regional language newspaper of your choice.
  • The English newspaper should be circulated in a region of the adverts choice.
  • It falls under the main category of Public Notice and Tender Ads.
  • UFR is either published in Classified Display or Display section of the Newspaper.

So in order to place UFR Notice Ads online, you can visit releaseMyAd. You can take reference from the different Ad Samples and Templates if you are booking for the first time. releaseMyAd simplifies your booking process in a few simple steps. 

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All you need to know about Legal Notice & Court Notice Ad

Very often, while reading the newspaper you come across a page section where you notice different categories of ads being published. Out of the different ad categories, one such category is The Legal Notice or the Court Notice Ad. A Legal or Court Notice Ad comes into play when an individual, a Company or a Government needs to inform something important to the general public. Some examples of Legal Notice ads are Property Dispute, a consumer complaint, filing a divorce and many more.Court Notice Advertisement

In all the above cases, it is mandatory for the sender to inform the receiver that a legal action has been taken against them. To communicate and share this message at large, newspaper plays a very important role in India. Advertising in the newspaper helps in creating awareness & spreading the message to a large number of people.

There are different online Ad booking agencies to solve this purpose. A Google search will provide you with a host of online booking agencies in India. But choosing the right out of the lot that suits your purpose is very important. One such agency is releaseMyAd which has been in the advertising industry for more than a decade. Following their few simple steps, one can easily book a Legal or a Court Notice Ad with a newspaper of their choice. Another important point is their excellent customer service, wherein they provide booking assistance in case you face any difficulty while booking the ad. The website also has different Ad Types to book in. One can book a Classified Text Ad or a Classified Display Ad as per their convenience with the lowest rates possible.

Here are the steps to follow:

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