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Frequently Asked Questions: Here's all you need to know

Ans.You can book your Change In Registered Address ad in the newspaper easily. You just need to visit releaseMyAd booking page and follow the instructions such as select the ad location and type of notice and fill the details and enquiry form. You can also upload your pre-designed ad creative or leave the section we can help you to design your ad and the select your recommended release date After filling up all the detail press on the Get Quote button. And proceed further we will send you a confirmation on your mobile number and we will receive your enquiry. Please wait we will get back to you soon with best possible quotes and help you the booking. For more details, you can contact us by call/ WhatsApp at 9830629298.
Ans.Change In Registered Address ads might require supporting documents to publish in the newspaper. There are many varieties of Change In Registered Address ads and different kind of ads requires different type of supporting documents. Please get in touch with our Customer Support Team at 9830629298 via call/ WhatsApp to understand more about supporting documents before booking the ad.
Ans.You can book a Change In Registered Address ad in the newspaper 1 day before the publishing date for most of the newspapers, earliest by 4 p.m. The earliest available date is highlighted when you are on the calendar page in ad booking step 3. If you are not able to choose your preferred date of release, it means that the deadline is over for that particular date. For urgent bookings, please contact our Customer Support Team at 9830629298 via call/ WhatsApp.
Ans.Cost of booking a Change In Registered Address ad differs from newspaper to newspaper. Usually, Change In Registered Address are published as Display ads and charged based on square centimeter rate. The rates also depend upon which location you are looking for to place the ad. Cost of placing an ad in the major metro cities are higher compared to other regions. It is advisable to opt for cheapest newspaper as Change In Registered Address ads are for statutory requirement only.
Ans.After you book a Change In Registered Address ad from our website, you will be updated about the status of your ad via email on your registered email id. After your ad is processed to the publication, a "Confirmed for Release" email will be sent. On the scheduled release date of your ad, you can verify the ad release from the physical copy of the newspaper available locally or from the e-paper of the chosen newspaper available online.
Ans.As of now, we do not provide any hardcopy of the newspaper to our customers. On the scheduled date of your ad release, you can contact your local newspaper vendor for a copy of the newspaper. Alternatively, you can also check your ad from the e-paper of the newspaper available online.
Ans.Change In Registered Address ads are statutory ads whose ad matter is usually written in a legal format by lawyers or person bearing office of authority. You have to get in touch with the authorized person for the ad matter that is to be published. On sharing the ad matter with us, our designing team will design the matter as per your specifications and format for publishing in the newspaper.