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Q I want to give an ad in two newspapers Maharashtra Times & Indian Express, How to book an ad? I am Mr. Sh*****d S****m Metri, and my wife Ms. J******ri Sh*****d M***i. We have changed our names to Mr. P****r S****m M***e and R***h P****r M***e for all purposes?

You need to book an Announcement ad under the Change of Name category in your preferred newspapers. In order to know how to book an ad through our website, you can take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial. To start booking your ad in Maharashtra Times, you need to visit the Maharashtra Times Announcement Ad Rates page, choose the preferred edition, compose your ad and then confirm the dates for release along with making the payment for the same. For Booking your ad in the New Indian Express, you can visit the The New Indian Express Announcement Ad Rates section. 

You need to provide us with a Notarized Affidavit, duly signed by a Gazette Officer which you can upload in the Compose Ad section or email it to us at Once you are done composing your ad, you need to confirm the release dates and then clear the payment for the same. While booking the ad please ensure that the ad is booked at least 2-3 days in advance.

Answered by Upasana Ganguly
Related to: Maharashtra Times, Change of Name, How to Book Post date: 25/11/2016 - 10:29AM
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