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It is never enough to advertise widely if one cannot advertise effectively. For every startup, where the key to survival is gaining traction and growth, marketing plays a crucial role. Initial traction for consumer startups gets driven by digital marketing, as it’s performance driven and measurable. Having gained the initial base and equipped with a round of funding, startups often turn to mass-media advertising across newspapers, TV and radio for growing reach.

Published: Sep 3, 2015

releaseMyAd an advertising platform for offline media, has announced the launch of In-Cinema Advertising to its customers. Local businesses across India, can now advertise effortlessly across 120 cities & 16 multiplex chains. The platform offers a complete online solution for advertisers to compare, plan & execute their advertising campaign in their theatre & screen of choice.

Published: Jun 18, 2015

Here we have an ellaborate interview with Sharad Lunia. the founder,  of which is a web based advertising agency, tackling both online and offline spaces. So lets here all about it now. Again this is an elaborate one.

Published: Feb 14, 2015

It has been six years since Sharad Lunia identified a gap in the market and found its solution in his first of its kind venture ReleaseMyAd. In 2009, after a stint in New York with Microsoft’s digital Advertising Solution Group, Lunia returned to India with a goal.

Published: Nov 8, 2014

Small and medium enterprises and startups rarely have dedicated marketing teams, and most of the employees have their hands full with day-to-day operations. It is also difficult for them to find partners who can help them market their businesses effectively within their budget constraints. Wharton School of Business grad Sharad Lunia’s startup releaseMyAd seeks to fill this gap with an advertising network catering to such companies.

Published: May 5, 2014

Online ad exchange portal,releaseMyAd, has come a long way since its inception in 2009. After establishing a solid presence in the newspaper classifieds sector, the company is turning its attention to a new medium - radio - with The company's founder and business head, Sharad Lunia, spoke to Firstbizabout the newest offerings from the firm.

Published: Apr 24, 2014

In 2009, Kolkata-based start-up releaseMyAd launched, an online portal for newspaper advertisers, and has followed up with, an online platform for brands wanting to advertise on radio. Through this platform, advertisers can create customised campaigns across major radio stations choosing from options like city, the length of the campaign, the time of the day as well as the day of the week the campaign should run. Furthermore, also provides creative services like jingles and voice-over ad compositions.

Published: Apr 18, 2014

releaseMyAd, an online Ad agency recently announced the launch of, which is a unique online platform that allows businesses to advertise across 24 radio channels in around 86 cities in India.

Published: Apr 15, 2014

releaseMyAd, announced the launch of - a unique online platform that allows businesses to advertise across 24 radio channels in around 86 cities in India.

Published: Apr 10, 2014

Online advertising agency releaseMyAd has announced the launch of, an online platform that allows businesses to advertise across 24 radio channels in around 86 cities in India.

Published: Apr 8, 2014

Businesses today recognize the power & effectiveness of Radio as an Advertising Medium. Brands having access to leading Media Buying and Creative Agencies have successfully leveraged the medium by tailoring their media planning, buying and creative development in tune with customer preferences. Small Businesses however are devoid of the same exposure, support and development services due to lower ticket sizes and budget constraints. releaseMyAd helps educate and service these businesses with regards to launching an effective Radio Advertising Campaign.

Published: Mar 11, 2014

Newspaper advertisement booking service site,, announces the launch of findMyMatch, a unique matrimonial service that allows users to search through potential matches from over 1 Lakh Matrimonial Ads published originally in leading newspapers across the nation.

Published: Jul 11, 2011

Findmymatch, a new matrimonial website, claims to have the third highest number of ad listings on its website already. The website has been recently launched by the classifieds booking site, website, which has been in service for limited membership for the last two months, allows users to access matrimonial ads printed offline – in newspapers, online – on the website and mobile phones. Through the website, one can browse profiles and create their own ads. The SMS platform delivers the matches directly to one’s mobile phones.

Published: Jul 11, 2011

releaseMyAd is publication-neutral and allows users to take out ads in a wide range of media properties. We envision ourselves as a one-stop-shop for customers to pick and choose their publications/media properties. Like I mentioned earlier, our objective is to simplify the existing classifieds marketplaces (generally offline) using the power and convenience of the Internet. We started out with print, however are fast expand ing to encompass other media properties.

Published: May 27, 2010

Print media holds a commanding position in developing markets and will continue to remain dominant in the near future. There is one newspaper copy printed for every two Indians. This is in contrast to developed economies such as the U.S., where print publications are on the decline and are moving to the web. Growing literacy, language diversity and vast outreach are some of drivers that will aid the growth of newspapers in developing markets such as India.

Published: May 4, 2010

Even though most of Indian newspapers have gone online, booking a classified in a newspaper is still an off-line process. Something that we would easily term as a big pain and a generation behind.There surely has been a need to bring in ‘structure of the internet’ into print media industry, and that’s exactly where ReleaseMyAd – an online venue to book print classified has chipped in.

Published: Sep 16, 2009

Being a marketing graduate from Wharton School of Business and having worked with Saatchi & Saatchi and then with Microsoft’s online advertising division in New York, setting up an online classified advertisement booking service was a natural choice for 25-year-old Sharad Lunia.

Published: Sep 14, 2009

Kolkata-based media buying agency ReleaseMyAd has launched, an online classified booking service that enables users to compose and book classified ads across 44 newspapers, including 29 regional dailies, in India. According to the company, is accredited by Indian Newspaper Society (INS), the primary governing body for all media publications. 

Published: Aug 28, 2009 has launched a service that will enable easy, fast and transparent Classified booking service. One can book matrimonial, property, recruitment, rent, education and other classified ads at the click of  button. An advertiser can compose, design, schedule and make payment for a classified from the, making it a one point solution for publishing a classified.

Published: Aug 10, 2009

This is a first of its kind website, where releaseMyAd brings to you India's simplest newspaper classified booking service. Simply by logging on to an advertiser can compose and design their ad, select release dates, make payments and get instant confirmation.

Published: Aug 7, 2009

releaseMyAd has launched, an online platform that allows businesses to advertise across 24 radio channels in around 86 cities in offers a one stop online advertising solution with a mix of media planning & buying,jingle production & reporting services.

Published: Apr 7, 2009