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Q Please help me book a display Tender advert in Oriya in the Samaja for Balasore and Rourkela editions?

In order to learn How to Book an ad through releaseMyAd, just take a tour of our online Booking Tutorial page on the following link:

To review the ad rates for the Balasore and Rourkela editions of The Samaja, please visit the following link: and specify the size of your ad to get the correct cost estimate for the same. Choosing the editions or package directs you to the Compose Ad page where you can create the Tender ad with our online design templates or you can also upload your own Tender advert and get it ready to released in the newspaper of your choice.

At the end please confirm the dates for the release of your advert and clear the payments through pur online or offline payment mediums.


Answered by Upasana Ganguly
Related to: Tenders, How to Book Post date: 04/05/2013 - 02:23PM
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