Dear team- I have my own men’s wear garment brand by name FRENCH TAG. We are starting up a company and hence wanted to publish an ad in Bihar. Could you please contact me for pricing and offer accordingly


Dear customer!  Thank you for choosing Your ad category is Business.

To start your booking, please visit the Newspaper Decider page of our website and select your choice of newspaper from here. All that you need to do here is, specify the category as Business and then specify the area/city of Bihar where you want the ad to release. This will provide you with a list of relevant newspapers suitable for you to place your ads in. You can find the rates, discounts, and circulation number displayed adjacent to the names of the newspapers here. This will guide and help you to compare the rates and circulation number so that you can analyse and pick the best newspaper to place your advertisement in.

Our ONLINE SLIDE TUTORIAL might help you in learning the process of booking an ad through our website. For more queries, you can call us on our number 09830629298 or you can also e-mail us at or


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