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To book a name change ad in Mumbai, please visit our Releasemyad Newspaper Decider Announcement page. On this page, you need to select your location and the category of ad. Since you want to book a name change ad, select the announcement category from the Specify Category list and then select yo...... view complete answer »
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You can check on the charges by visiting the Online Newspaper Decider page of your website. Through this you can specify your choice of ad category and location which will instead provide you with the names of all relevant newspapers you can choose from in your choice of city. As per your requir...... view complete answer »
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ReleaseMyAd enables you to book display ads for all Indian newspapers including all the regional dailies and weeklies. To review the rates and packages for a College Reunion advert which falls under Entertainment or Commercial Personal category, please visit the following page: http://b...... view complete answer »
Dear customer!  Thank you for choosing Your ad category is Business. To start your booking, please visit the Newspaper Decider page of our website and select your choice of newspaper from here. All that you need to do here is, specify the category as Business and then specif...... view complete answer »
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To place an ad in the Education Times, please know that the ad type is only Display ad and the ad size should at least be 8 cm (width) X 6 cm (length). In case of Times of India also, the minimum Display ad size would be the same as Education Times.  The ad size must be specified in terms of...... view complete answer »
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