What are the packages available under the To Rent category in Rajasthan Patrika?


Thank you for your question. One of the most popular newspapers in Rajasthan as well as in other states also. There is 7 packages under the category of To-Rent in Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper.

Here are the details below:

Rajasthan Patrika (Rajasthan + Madhya Pradesh + Chhattisgarh + Gujarat + Tamil Nadu + Karnataka + West Bengal): Rs.9,119/ 20 Words
Rajasthan Patrika (All MP + Chattisgarh) Spl. Offer: Book 3 Get 32% off: Rs.5,045/ 20 Words
Rajasthan Patrika - (Rajasthan + Gujarat + Tamilnadu + Karnataka + West Bengal) Spl. Offer: Book 3 Get 42% off Book 5 Get 53% off: Rs.4,518/ 20 Words
Rajasthan Patrika (All Madhya Pradesh): Rs.4,390/ 20 Words
Rajasthan Patrika (All Rajasthan) Spl. Offer: Book 3 Get 42% off , Book 5 Get 45% off: Rs.2,640/ 20 Words
Jabalpur Power (Jabalpur Satna + Chhindwara): Rs.1,305/ 20 Words
Rajasthan Patrika (All Chhattisgarh): Rs.1,014/ 20 Words

For any query, you can contact to the booking team  9830629298, email us at book@releasemyad.com 

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