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How to bookfor a Change of Name ad in Divya Bhaskar, Ahmedabad. I want rates and discount offers. Also suggest any other local newspaper which I can opt for


Please know that Change of Name falls under the main category of Announcement Ads. As this is the main category, the ad rates and discount packages for it are also applicable to all its sub-categories. You may start your ad booking through the Announcement Ad Rates page of Divya Bhaskar. Here you will find all your required ad rates for individual editions where the newspaper is circulated as well as the discount packages to book your ad in more than one location. Select your edition as Ahmedabad from here and proceed to complete the process of booking by composing your ad, selecting your ad release dates and clearing all pending payments.

You can also visit the Divya Bhaskar Ad Rates page for Ahmedabad in order to get the rates and special packages for Ahmedabad in particular. Among other local newspapers you can opt for Rajasthan Patrika or the Sandesh Ahmedabad Classified. You can take a look at the list of popularly circulated newspapers in the chosen city through the Online Newspaper Decider wherein you just need to specify your category and desired location. The names of the newspaper will be displayed along with the basic rates, discount packages and circulation number. For further help, call us on our telephonic number 09839629298 or you may email us at

*Please note that your category has to be specified as Change-of-Name under ‘Specify Heading’ section displayed in the compose ad page. 

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