As required for following is the content of the advertisement, which I want to post in English OR Hindi Daily Newspaper of Mumbai "It is notified that my original Qualifying Examination Certificate of Main, Secondary/ Senior secondary Examination of year 1999 (10th), 2001 (12th) and Roll No 4*****4 (10th), 4*****8 (12th) issued by CBSE has been lost. Name of the candidate: V***** S**** G******e Full Address: FLAT NO F/123, NEW SA*****A CHS, NEXT TO PETROL PUMP, SECTOR 12, K*******R, NAVI MUMBAI - 4*****0"


Please keep in mind that your ad will be published under the Announcement section of any newspaper you choose to get the ad released. In order to evaluate the newspaper options available in Mumbai, you can take the help of our Online Newspaper Decider. Here you can review the rates, discount packages and even the circulation details of the newspaper read across Mumbai.

Although there are numerous English Newspapers which are circulated in Mumbai, there are a very few Hindu newspapers available. As an alternative, you can opt for the Marathi newspapers which are more popular and have a better reach than the Hindi newspapers, increasing the chances of recovering your lost documents. The best options are Sakal, Lokmat, Maharashtra Times among Marathi dailies and Times of India and Midday among English Dailies.

Please keep in mind that while booking a Lost & Found announcement ad, you must make sure that you have chosen the sub-category as “Lost and Found” so that your ad is published under the appropriate category. Also ensure that you book your ad 2-3 days in advance so that it is published on time without any hassles. 

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