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Want to put an ad in Sakal news paper in classified columns for two days please specify the offers and rates for the same.


Thank you for your query.For the ad rates of Sakal, please click on the link here: Here you can review the rates for individal editions as well as the combo packages for the same. Choose the location/edition or package as per your preference. Also know that we book only Display Classified ads for Sakal, so please select the ad type as Display Classified.

You can either choose 2 different dates on the calender provided in the Make Payment section or you can rebook the ad as per your convenience so that your ad is published in the newspaper mentioned by you.

To ensure the timely release of your advertisement, please make sure that the ad is booked at least 2-3 days prior to intended ad release dates along with the clearance of the payment through our online or offline payment mediums.

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