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Sometimes an announcement advertisement in the newspaper becomes necessary, for example, if there has been a change of name or change of address, or for any other legal requirement. People can also reach out to a large number of people at once where communicating individually is too much of a hassle. Announcement ads in marathi newspapers fulfil your legal obligations as well as gets your message across to your target audience. releaseMyAd offers you full support, from creative design to planning your ad. 

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I Abhishek kumar Gauraw, R/O of H-1004,Dynasty, Wakad, Pune-57 declare to Change my Son's name from Sanabhi Sinha to Sanabhi Gauraw vide affidavit no. 1183/2015 swo before notary H M Girme, Dated- 6 June 2015  View Complete Ad
This is a notification to all conceed that I, Pooja Chandra Gupt Pradhan, daughter of Mr. Chandra Gupt Tripathi, residing at 84, Tungarli Rd, Lonavla , has officially effected a change in name on October 29, 2009 vide Gazette No.- N6000 from Lata Chandra Gupt Tripathi to Pooja Chandra Gupt Pradhan (all names listed are in Given Name then Suame order). Affidavit Number LB /4842 dated 7 August 2014.  View Complete Ad
मी विश्वनाथ सऩ आफ राजेंद्र प्रसाद सिंग २५/०४/१९८० रोजी जन्म, स्थायी नागरिकत्व ग्राम पोस्ट- बेल्हारी, ता.क. - बेलागांज, जि - गया राज्याप्रमाणे बिहार भारत पिन - ८०४४०३ . ०७/०२/२०१४ दिनांक पासून , माझे नाव आणि आतापासून प्रतिज्ञापत्र क्रमांक हरभजन H - नुसार विश्वनाथ सिंग (नवीन नाव) म्हणून ओळखले जाऊ बदललेल्या.  View Complete Ad
I Natania Ashish Harrison,daughter of Ashish Sunil Harrison,residing at B1,Flat No3,Bansal Residency Chinchwad shall henceforth be known as Nia Ashish Harrison (Affidavit No 4026/2014,March 2014)  View Complete Ad
फाईन टेक्नोलोजिस प्रा.लि.चे खालील मुख्य सी-फॉर्म हरवले आहे.१)फॉर्म क्र:MH-12A/,कंपनी:टेरेक्स इंडिया प्रा.लि.,देयक दि.:१८.०१.२०१३,मुल्य:रु.४८८१७६. २)फॉर्म क्र:MH-12A/,कंपनी:पालफिंगर क्रेन्स इंडिया प्रा.लि.,देयक दि.१८.०१.२०१३,मुल्य:रु.५३६६.सापडल्यास संपर्क:८३०८८४६०१९  View Complete Ad

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Why Book Announcement Ad in Marathi Newspapers?

Why Book Announcement Ad in Marathi Newspapers?

Announcement advertisements are used by people to make public announcements that are required by law, such as a change of name or an issue of shares by a company, or they may be advertisements that spread knowledge or awareness about a topic or an event. Announcement ads serve to disseminate information to a large audience through a single channel for situations where individually contacting the people concerned may turn out to be laborious and infructuous.

Other forms of announcement advertisements include ones which express gratitude for support or help received, as it is often not possible to know everyone who contributed for a cause. If an event is postponed or cancelled, announcement advertisements help to quickly get information across to a large number of people.

Announcement advertisements in newspapers are important today for the following reasons:

  1. Fulfils Legal Requirements
    • Announcement advertisements are often legally required to be published in newspapers.
  2. Ease of Communication
    • Announcement advertisements make reaching out to a large number of people easy and effective.
  3. Wide Reach
    • In India, newspapers are read by a large number of people in both urban and rural areas across the length and breadth of the country.  

Book your announcement ads in marathi newspapers through releaseMyAd and get your message across to your desired audience. releaseMyAd, with its expertise and years of experience in the industry, helps you maximise your reach. Harness the potential of announcement ads in marathi newspapers with our pan-India network and guaranteed lowest rates.   

How to Book Announcement Advertisement In Marathi Newspapers?

How to Book Announcement Advertisement In Marathi Newspapers?

Booking announcement ads in marathi newspapers through releaseMyAd is quick and easy. Follow these steps to book your announcement ad in the newspaper of your choice.

  1. Select Ad Type
    • Choose your preferred ad type - Classified Announcement Text Ad or Classified Announcement Display Ad in the Announcement section.
  2. Select Newspaper and Package
    • Select the newspaper you wish to advertise in, then select the package from our list that best matches your requirements.
  3. Select Preferences
    • Are you announcing a new shop opening or an exhibition? Would you like to express your thanks to a person or an organisation you are grateful to for their help? Let us know!
  4. Write Your Ad
    • Compose the text for your announcement ad, enhance with borders or background colours if necessary or desired and check the preview.
  5. Select Dates and Make Payment
    • Select the dates and the duration for your announcement ad, proceed towards the payment section. Once you’ve made the payment for your ad, you will receive an instant email confirming that your payment has been made.
  6. Receive Invoice
    • Upon successful payment for your announcement ad, you will receive an invoice with the full details of the ad you have booked with us.

releaseMyAd offers two kinds of announcement ads: Classified Text ads and Classified Display ads.

  • Classified Announcement Text Ads are the simplest ad format and consist of plain text advertisements. Classified Announcement Text Ads are charged according to the number of words and the number of lines used.
  • Classified Announcement Display Ads include richer formatting for your ad text such as colours, a variety of typefaces as well as images or graphics. Classified Announcement Display Ads are charged on the basis of square centimetres occupied.

releaseMyAd is India’s largest online self-service advertisement booking platform enabling people to book their services ads in marathi newspapers. Combining years of media buying experience, historic ad pricing data and a pan-India network, releaseMyAd guarantees you the lowest quotes for your ad requirements. Book your services ad in marathi newspapers through releaseMyAd from anywhere at any time through any device - a computer, mobile phone or tablet.