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I, Darwin D Souza S/o Basil Anthony D Souza R/o 15, 1st Cross 7th Main Sarvabhouma Ngr, Chikkalasandra Bangalore61, will be known as Darwin Basil D Souza. vide affidavit No.IN-KAM, issued at NONACC(F1)/kacrsfl08/VIJAYANAGAR/KA-BN dated 08.07.2014  View Complete Ad
I, FIONA D/O Mr. Chellappan Jothi bo on 17.11.1995 residing at A-302, K.V.Pristine, 13th Cross, Venkateshwara Layout, B.T.M. I stage, Marutinagar, Madiwala, Bangalore (previous address: MF-21/11, Canarabank Apts. SFHS layout, B.T.M.II stage, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore ) have changed my name to FIONA JOTHI SYLVESTER vide affidavit dated 09.07.2014 at Bangalore.   View Complete Ad
I, ARJUN SESHADRI, R/o 76, Bharani, 3rd Stage, 4th Block, NHCS Layout, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore shall henceforth be known as ARJUN SESHADRI AIENGAR, vide affidavit dated 08.07.2014 before Notary B.R.Shashikala.  View Complete Ad
I Virendra Choudhary, S/O Nanchi Lal Choudhary, resident of 130, Nemi Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, declare that my name mistakenly entered in my Driving License as VIRENDRA CHAUDHARY, that correct spelling of my name is VIRENDRA CHOUDHARY  View Complete Ad
I Bahubali Jeevandharkumar Kuberappa Hotapeti S/o of Jeevandharkumar Hotapeti, C-1, Ananda Apartments, 9th Cross, J.P. Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore 78,have changed my name to Bahubali Jeevandharkumar Hotapeti vide Affidavit dated 16/06/2014 before Notary Aravind Patil G.G., Bangalore bearing Certificate no IN-KAM. This is for all records.  View Complete Ad

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Why Book Kannada Change Of Name Ad in Newspapers?

Why Book Kannada Change Of Name Ad in Newspapers?

How to Book Kannada Change Of Name Advertisement?

>How to Book Kannada Change Of Name Advertisement?