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Education advertisements in newspapers contain information about various institutions offering courses and classes in various fields of study. These advertisements help to bridge the gap between students and providers of educational courses so that they can pursue the courses that interest them and which will help them in their all-round growth. Publishing education ads in bengali newspapers through releaseMyAd help you make a wide audience aware of the courses or classes you offer. releaseMyAd supports and guides you at every step along the way, from creative design to ad planning.

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Why Book Education Ad in Bengali Newspapers?

Why Book Education Ad in Bengali Newspapers?

Education is one of the building blocks of a successful and prosperous life. A wholesome, all-round education prepares one for a rewarding and fruitful career. Therefore it is necessary for people to acquire knowledge and skills which will come in useful in the various diverse fields students wish to make their careers in. With more and more institutions coming up everywhere, decision making becomes a challenge for students wishing to pursue their dream courses. Likewise, educational institutions need to target the right student audience. Courses offered, college infrastructure, placement prospects are some of the factors that influence the choice of institution. In addition to schools and colleges, there are a host of other courses and classes that one can take, such as dance classes, language courses, computer training, animation, cooking, graphic design and so much more.

Education advertisements, therefore, help to bridge the gap between students and educational institutions. These advertisements carry all the relevant information relating to courses offered, session dates as well as the fee structure.

Education ads in newspapers are extremely useful for the following reasons:

  1. Provides Information
    • Education advertisements provide relevant information about a college or training centre.
  2. Creates Awareness
    • Education advertisements help to make people aware of courses available as well as courses that have been newly launched.
  3. Wide Reach
    • In India, a large number of people from cities and villages across the country read newspapers

Book your education ads in bengali newspapers through releaseMyAd and get your educational service or product noticed by most people who speak bengali in cities across India. Make the public aware of the courses you offer, the classes you teach or the specialised training you impart with releaseMyAd’s rich expertise and vast industry experience. releaseMyAd helps you book your education ads in bengali newspapers and reach out to your target audience across the country.

Top Bengali Newspapers For Placing Education Ads In India


Newspaper Location Circlulation Cost Details
Anandabazar Patrika Kolkata (Sunday) 12,77,801 Rs. 5,980 DETAILS
Anandabazar Patrika Kolkata (Weekday) 12,77,801 Rs. 5,980 DETAILS
Anandabazar Patrika Burdwan 3,52,112 Rs. 910 DETAILS
Anandabazar Patrika North Bengal 64,274 Rs. 1,040 DETAILS
Anandabazar Patrika North and South 24 Pgs 52,773 Rs. 1,040 DETAILS
Dainik Sambad Agartala 69,888 Rs. 400 DETAILS
Dainik Jugasankha Kolkata 88,001 Rs. 500 DETAILS
Dainik Jugasankha Guwahati 75,067 Rs. 600 DETAILS
Dainik Jugasankha Siliguri 56,293 Rs. 500 DETAILS
Dainik Jugasankha Silchar 52,249 Rs. 600 DETAILS
Uttarbanga Sambad Siliguri 1,53,792 Rs. 500 DETAILS
Uttarbanga Sambad Coochbehar 1,50,465 Rs. 500 DETAILS
Uttarbanga Sambad Malda 1,50,465 Rs. 500 DETAILS
Ei Samay Kolkata 2,63,000 Rs. 775 DETAILS
Ekdin Kolkata 97,080 Rs. 300 DETAILS
Pratidin Kolkata 2,60,310 Rs. 350 DETAILS
Aajkaal Kolkata 1,92,583 Rs. 250 DETAILS
Daily Kalom Kolkata 40,000 Rs. 200 DETAILS
Dainik Statesman Kolkata 15,500 Rs. 400 DETAILS
Dainik Statesman Siliguri 7,500 Rs. 400 DETAILS
Dainik Prantajyoti Guwahati 38,000 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Tripura Darpan Tripura 39,000 Rs. 120 DETAILS

How to Book Education Advertisement In Bengali Newspapers?

How to Book Education Advertisement In Bengali Newspapers?

Booking education ads in bengali newspapers through releaseMyAd is quick and easy. Follow these steps to book your education ad in the newspaper of your choice.

  1. Select Ad Type
    • Choose your preferred ad type - Classified Education Text Ad or Classified Education Display Ad in the Education section.
  2. Select Newspaper and Package
    • Select the newspaper you wish to advertise in, then select the package from our list that best matches your requirements.
  3. Select Preferences
    • Do you offer tutorials? Do you teach music, painting or dance? Are you associated with a school, college or university? Let us know!
  4. Write Your Ad
    • Compose the text for your education ad, enhance with borders or background colours if necessary or desired and check the preview.
  5. Select Dates and Make Payment
    • Select the dates and the duration for your education ad, proceed towards the payment section. Once you’ve made the payment for your ad, you will receive an instant email confirming that your payment has been made.
  6. Receive Invoice
    • Upon successful payment for your education ad, you will receive an invoice with the full details of the ad you have booked with us.

releaseMyAd offers two kinds of education ads: Classified Text ads and Classified Display ads.

  • Classified Education Text Ads are the simplest ad format and consist of plain text advertisements. Classified Education Text Ads are charged according to the number of words and the number of lines used.
  • Classified Education Display Ads include richer formatting for your ad text such as colours, a variety of typefaces as well as images or graphics. Classified Education Display Ads are charged on the basis of square centimetres occupied.

releaseMyAd is India’s largest online self-service advertisement booking platform enabling people to book their education ads in bengali newspapers. Combining years of media buying experience, historic ad pricing data and a pan-India network, releaseMyAd guarantees you the lowest quotes for your ad requirements. Book your education ad in bengali newspapers through releaseMyAd from anywhere at any time through any device - a computer, mobile phone or tablet.