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Search bride and grooms from elite marathi families just by booking a marathi Matrimonial Ad in leading newspapers of Maharashtra. Most of the renowned marathi Daily Newspapers are published from Mumbai, Pune and are circulated across many metropolitan cities in India. We provide the best discount on original rates and give entire support on Creative Ad Design and media planning.

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Why Book Matrimonial Ad in Marathi Newspapers?

Why Book Matrimonial Ad in Marathi Newspapers?

The benefits of Booking Marathi Matrimonial Ads through releaseMyAd are as follows:

  1. You can book matrimonial ads instantly in your preferred edition at lowest rates.
  2. You don’t have to pay additional charges while you book your Marathi Matrimonial classified ad online.
  3. Order tracking facilities helps you to keep track of your Matrimonial ad status until it gets printed in the newspaper.
  4. Multiple payment options that include credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. All these payments are SSL encrypted and therefore completely secure. You can also pay offline via cheque or cash.

Before you plan to book the Marathi Matrimonial ad, go through all our special offers and packages column above.

Top Marathi Newspapers For Placing Matrimonial Ads In India


Newspaper Location Circlulation Cost Details
Maharashtra Times Mumbai 3,02,690 Rs. 1,100 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Pune 36,400 Rs. 1,100 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Nashik 7,406 Rs. 1,100 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Kolhapur 2,342 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Aurangabad 1,387 Rs. 1,100 DETAILS
Loksatta Mumbai 2,87,000 Rs. 1,200 DETAILS
Loksatta Pune 1,10,000 Rs. 1,150 DETAILS
Loksatta Nagpur 65,000 Rs. 1,150 DETAILS
Loksatta Ahmednagar 40,000 Rs. 1,150 DETAILS
Loksatta Aurangabad 35,000 Rs. 1,150 DETAILS
Sakal Pune (City) 6,04,101 Rs. 1,650 DETAILS
Sakal Ahmednagar 2,36,229 Rs. 1,907 DETAILS
Sakal Kolhapur 2,18,257 Rs. 632 DETAILS
Sakal Aurangabad 1,42,065 Rs. 715 DETAILS
Sakal Mumbai 1,26,215 Rs. 1,135 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Nashik 72,000 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Aurangabad 70,000 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Solapur 61,581 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Ahmednagar 45,000 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Jalgaon 35,000 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Belgaum 1,54,079 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Konkan 84,200 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Goa 42,376 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Mumbai 24,000 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Sindhudurg 23,000 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Latur 63,761 Rs. 60 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Pune 49,739 Rs. 70 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Ahmednagar 41,724 Rs. 60 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Nanded 35,188 Rs. 60 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Nagpur 34,575 Rs. 70 DETAILS
Pudhari Kolhapur 3,82,682 Rs. 600 DETAILS
Pudhari Pune 2,07,777 Rs. 450 DETAILS
Pudhari Mumbai 97,118 Rs. 600 DETAILS
Pudhari Sangli 79,686 Rs. 600 DETAILS
Pudhari Satara 60,590 Rs. 600 DETAILS
Lokmat Pune 3,79,938 Rs. 880 DETAILS
Lokmat Aurangabad 3,10,297 Rs. 825 DETAILS
Lokmat Nagpur 2,49,534 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Lokmat Kolhapur 1,43,299 Rs. 285 DETAILS
Lokmat Mumbai 1,36,189 Rs. 1,150 DETAILS
Mumbai Choufer Mumbai 1,29,651 Rs. 330 DETAILS
Dainik Saamana Pune 2,00,000 Rs. 110 DETAILS
Dainik Saamana Mumbai 1,00,000 Rs. 310 DETAILS
Navarashtra Mumbai 2,62,216 Rs. 225 DETAILS
Navarashtra Pune 2,29,100 Rs. 180 DETAILS
Navarashtra Nagpur 1,02,191 Rs. 0 DETAILS

How to Book Matrimonial Advertisement In Marathi Newspapers?

How to Book Matrimonial Advertisement In Marathi Newspapers?

For booking Marathi Matrimonial Classified Advertisements, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your preferred Marathi newspaper for booking matrimonial ads like wanted brides and wanted grooms.
  2. As per your requirement select the Ad format - classified text ad, classified display ad or Display Ads
  3. Compose your Matrimonial ad & select dates and make the payment online.

Once you select the newspaper for placing Marathi Matrimony Advertisements, rates will be displayed instantly on your screen! So, book your Marathi matrimony ad through our online ad booking portal. Our media planners are always there to help you plan your newspaper ad campaign. Thus get started for finding suitable brides and grooms in your community.