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Retailers publish their advertisements in newspapers to make the general public aware of their brand and their products so that they can attract customers, with the final objective of increasing sales and footfall at stores. Publishing retail ads in marathi newspapers helps to spread awareness and information while building a brand image and enticing prospective customers to purchase the product. releaseMyAd helps you reach out to your potential customers and offers you help and support at every step along the way.

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Why Book Retail Ad in Marathi Newspapers?

Why Book Retail Ad in Marathi Newspapers?

Retail is a form of business where consumer goods are sold to customers for their own consumption rather than further resale. Retailing involves multiple channels of distribution comprising merchants, intermediaries and distributors to get the product to the final consumer, with profits being earned at each stage.

Retail advertisements in newspapers are a very effective way to entice potential buyers, and is a time-tested way to generate awareness and brand recall. Therefore, it naturally follows that classified retail ads help to attract prospective customers by making them knowledgeable about your brand and your product offerings. Classified retail ads are often used to announce or promote stock clearance sales. Newspapers are generally viewed as a trustworthy source of news and information from a reader.

The advantages of publishing retail ads in marathi newspapers are plenty, and include the following:

  1. Builds Product and Brand Awareness
    • Retail advertisements in newspapers help to make potential customers aware of the brand and the products offered
  2. Builds Credibility
    • As retail advertisements serve to inform and make people knowledgeable, it helps to form a favourable impression of the brand in the minds of customers.
  3. Reaches a wide audience
    • Newspapers are perfect for retail ads as a very large number of people in India read newspapers.

Book your retail ads in marathi newspapers through releaseMyAd and harness the potential of classified retail ads. Get your product offerings viewed by your target audience in cities across India and turn them into leads with releaseMyAd’s strategic ad planning techniques. releaseMyAd, with its rich expertise and vast experience in the industry, helps you reach out to the most people and guarantees you the lowest rates for your ad requirements.

Top Marathi Newspapers For Placing Retail Ads In India


Newspaper Location Circlulation Cost Details
Maharashtra Times Mumbai 302,690 Rs. 1,000 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Pune 36,400 Rs. 400 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Nashik 7,406 Rs. 180 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Aurangabad 1,387 Rs. 100 DETAILS
Maharashtra Times Nagpur 485 Rs. 130 DETAILS
Loksatta Mumbai 287,000 Rs. 1,200 DETAILS
Loksatta Pune 110,000 Rs. 150 DETAILS
Loksatta Nagpur 65,000 Rs. 100 DETAILS
Loksatta Ahmednagar 40,000 Rs. 45 DETAILS
Loksatta Aurangabad 35,000 Rs. 60 DETAILS
Sakal Pune (City) 604,101 Rs. 1,650 DETAILS
Sakal Ahmednagar 236,229 Rs. 1,907 DETAILS
Sakal Kolhapur 218,257 Rs. 632 DETAILS
Sakal Aurangabad 142,065 Rs. 715 DETAILS
Sakal Mumbai 126,215 Rs. 1,135 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Nashik 72,000 Rs. 550 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Aurangabad 70,000 Rs. 560 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Solapur 61,581 Rs. 238 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Ahmednagar 45,000 Rs. 135 DETAILS
Divya Marathi Jalgaon 35,000 Rs. 320 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Belgaum 154,079 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Konkan 84,200 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Goa 42,376 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Mumbai 24,000 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Tarun Bharat Sindhudurg 23,000 Rs. 800 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Latur 63,761 Rs. 60 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Pune 49,739 Rs. 70 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Ahmednagar 41,724 Rs. 60 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Nanded 35,188 Rs. 60 DETAILS
Punya Nagari Nagpur 34,575 Rs. 70 DETAILS
Pudhari Kolhapur 382,682 Rs. 400 DETAILS
Pudhari Pune 207,777 Rs. 450 DETAILS
Pudhari Mumbai 97,118 Rs. 330 DETAILS
Pudhari Sangli 79,686 Rs. 200 DETAILS
Pudhari Satara 60,590 Rs. 110 DETAILS
Lokmat Pune 379,938 Rs. 880 DETAILS
Lokmat Aurangabad 310,297 Rs. 825 DETAILS
Lokmat Nagpur 249,534 Rs. 750 DETAILS
Lokmat Kolhapur 143,299 Rs. 285 DETAILS
Lokmat Mumbai 136,189 Rs. 1,150 DETAILS
Mumbai Choufer Mumbai 129,651 Rs. 330 DETAILS
Dainik Saamana Pune 200,000 Rs. 110 DETAILS
Dainik Saamana Mumbai 100,000 Rs. 518 DETAILS
Navarashtra Mumbai 262,216 Rs. 225 DETAILS
Navarashtra Pune 229,100 Rs. 180 DETAILS
Navarashtra Nagpur 102,191 Rs. 0 DETAILS

How to Book Retail Advertisement In Marathi Newspapers?

How to Book Retail Advertisement In Marathi Newspapers?

Booking retail ads in marathi newspapers through releaseMyAd is quick and easy. Follow these steps to book your retail ad in the newspaper of your choice.

  1. Select Ad Type
    • Choose your preferred ad type - Classified Retail Text Ad or Classified Retail Display Ad in the Retail section.
  2. Select Newspaper and Package
    • Select the newspaper you wish to advertise in, then select the package from our list that best matches your requirements.
  3. Select Preferences
    • Do you sell computers? Do you have a showroom for home appliances? Do you specialise in equipment and power tools? Let us know!
  4. Write Your Ad
    • Compose the text for your retail ad, enhance with borders or background colours if necessary or desired and check the preview.
  5. Select Dates and Make Payment
    • Select the dates and the duration for your retail ad, proceed towards the payment section. Once you’ve made the payment for your ad, you will receive an instant email confirming that your payment has been made.
  6. Receive Invoice
    • Upon successful payment for your retail ad, you will receive an invoice with the full details of the ad you have booked with us.

releaseMyAd offers two kinds of retail ads: Classified Text ads and Classified Display ads.

  • Classified Retail Text Ads are the simplest ad format and consist of plain text advertisements. Classified Retail Text Ads are charged according to the number of words and the number of lines used.
  • Classified Retail Display Ads include richer formatting for your ad text such as colours, a variety of typefaces as well as images or graphics. Classified Retail Display Ads are charged on the basis of square centimetres occupied.

releaseMyAd is India’s largest online self-service advertisement booking platform enabling people to book their retail ads in marathi newspapers. Combining years of media buying experience, historic ad pricing data and a pan-India network, releaseMyAd guarantees you the lowest quotes for your ad requirements. Book your retail ad in marathi newspapers through releaseMyAd from anywhere at any time through any device - a computer, mobile phone or tablet.